About Me

I am a mother, wife, daughter, sister, friend, neighbor and human citizen. I am a teacher, a healer, a visionary, a philosopher and student of the universe. I am greater than the sum of my parts and smaller than only my Creator.

It took YEARS for me to write that statement. That sounds a little crazy, but it’s true. I was so deeply disconnected and resistant to my own true self that I could not even complete an about me statement. Understand that I believed, and still do, that all of these things I wrote about myself are true, but I couldn’t get past my own self-doubt and negativity to give myself permission, give myself the Love, that it took to reclaim and own anything about myself.

What an eye-opening experience! I see I have a long journey ahead, with many lessons. And I embrace it! I’ll be sharing my journey here, on these pages. I hope, Dear Reader, that my words will reach those who need them the most.

And, so, today I ask myself and you to take a mindful moment focusing on loving your true self, exactly where and how you are in the present. Let all excuses simply fall away. Give yourself permission to love yourself. Right Now!

Peace, Love, and Light,

Unorthodox Lucy




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